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One Key Performance Indicator we use to measure success on every SEO Project is the number of keywords that a site ranks for on Google.

When we first take on a client we often find that they don’t rank on Google for many search queries or ‘keywords’. Let’s say for example that you run a plumbing business in Kelowna… Ideally, your website should rank on Page 1 of Google’s search results for queries such as ‘Plumber Kelowna’, ‘best plumbers in kelowna’, ’emergency plumber kelowna’ and so on. Many of our new clients only rank for their business name which means they are losing out on a ton of new enquiries and potential sales.

The Content Gap

By researching Google search queries and analysing your competition, here at SEO Kelowna we can come up with what we call a ‘Content Gap Analysis’. This tells us exactly which search queries your competition are ranking for that you are not.

Then we get to work.

There are no tricks involved, nor any suspicious tactics. We prefer to use our tried-and-tested process, common sense and our creative skills to introduce new content to your website that Google just loves. Just check out the results of some client work this year. From the little graphs below, you can sort of guess when we kicked in!

By ranking for more and more keywords every month, our clients benefit from more and more enquiries and sales though their websites. This is what we call ‘Sustainable Marketing’ as your website becomes a 24-hr, 7 days a week lead generator.

Leverage Above Your Competition

With our ruthless and data-driven Competitor Analysis processes, we can establish exactly what search queries your rivals rank for on Google and how much traffic to their website they are earning. We discover exactly how they are doing it, and then just do it better – for you.

We Offer An Unfair Advantage

The 2 partners of SEO Kelowna have a combined 50+ years of experience in advanced SEO for companies and brands worldwide.

We’re very selective in which clients we take on. We look for local people with a passion for growing their business, with exceptional customer service and with a great product. Oh yes, and with the capacity to take on a lot of new work!

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